Who are The Recollective?

The Recollective are a dynamic four-piece band that play a mixture of traditional and original material primarily from Ireland and Scotland but also from other folk traditions. They combine songs and tunes from these traditions and weave them amongst their own contemporary styles to create an enchanting vibrant sound.

With his warm emotive and sensitive vocals, the Scotsman of the band Calum Morrison sets the scene with his repertoire of traditional, borrowed and self-penned songs. On the fiddle, Karen Hickey creates a rich depth to the music of The Recollective with her powerful yet sensitive prowess on the fiddle. On the traditional Irish flute Michael Coult brings his playful interactions and virtuosic energy to the group. Kieran Leonard, one of Ireland’s leading young percussionists, adds his own rhythmic flair to the band’s sound with his own delicate touch and grooving style.

All accomplished musicians in their own rights, The Recollective resonate together and create a whirring wheel of uplifting and euphoric music rooted in tradition.

The Recollective on YouTube

We managed to find some time in between lengthy tours to get in the studio and lay down some tunes, but after upgrading our Internet presence with our new website we decided to take it one step further and made the band's first two music videos, the first of which is posted below. For the second video and more in the future, you will have to visit our media page or YouTube channel.

Vals Til Mor Og Far/The Midge

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